Dial-in the Perfect Formula

Sugar Reduction with Stevia – Get the Formula Right

Stevia interacts with other ingredients and its sweetness changes with usage and concentration. A delicate balance is necessary to reach an optimal taste profile. Off by only 10 PPM and the final product can spell disaster. The technology at NutraEx helps you get the combination right.   

Achieve an Even Distribution

How can you make a homogeneous mixture when the usage is ½%? It’s difficult; the variable density works against a uniform composition. SugarLike® delivery system for Stevia is free flowing. Achieving an even distribution is as simple as adding SugarLike.
Pure stevia is in the form of white powder. This requires premixing stevia with the rest of your ingredients before adding in any liquids. Otherwise, it won’t blend well because it has a different density. The granulated composition of SugarLike solves this problem. Simply add it in and it evenly dissolves without becoming clustered (hot spot).
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